Cristiana Tanasie's story

Cristiana’s mother, Florentine, came to us a few years back and asked for our help to fund a block of physio sessions at a local private physio ‘Freddie Farmer Foundation’, the physio helps Cristiana help improve her abilities to walk, with the ultimate goal of being able to walk unaided.

It came to light during this block of physio that Cristiana would also benefit from a private consultation with an Orthortic assessment in a London’s clinic, this however proved too costly for the family. We were happy to arrange the appointment and following on from this provided financial support to purchase AFO’s for Cristiana feet. These are like a splint that position the feet in the correct manner.

Cristiana has since come on so much with her walking as you can see from the amazing photos.

Good morning beautiful and good people.I'm back with great news. I took the orthoses and boots and Cristiana is already working with them. She is happy to be upright, feels good with them and works easier with the teacher. Thank you very much for all your help and all your support in this whole project that Cristiana has to go through and which is not easy.

Cristiana Tanasie's mother

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